Terms of Website Membership

Med Support Systems Co., Ltd. (the Company) provides this Terms of Website Membership (the Terms) to prescribe rights and obligations of website member (the Member) to reserve courts and purchase services and goods provided double Blue (the Facility; located in Hiroo 5-12-2, Shibuya ward, Tokyo) through double Blue official website (the Website). In order to become the Member, applicant must read the Terms, select “I Agree with above,” go to “registration procedure” through the email sent from the Company to email address designated by the applicant, input necessary information, and select “registration.” After completion of this procedure, the Company sends confirmation notice to the email address, and from that point of time the applicant officially become the Member.

Article 1. The Service

The Service on the Terms includes all services provided from the Company to the Member on this Website, including reservation of the Facility’s usage, purchasing of goods, and credit-card payment.

Article 2. Effect of the Terms

  • 1 The Terms is applicable at all time when the Member uses the Service.
  • 2 The Terms can be modified by the Company without any advance notice to the Member. Modified version of the Terms shall come into force from the time the Company posts on the Website or the time the Company designates.
  • 3 The Member shall be deemed to agree the modification once the Member use the Service after the Company posts modified version of Terms on the Website as stated on previous clause. The Company accepts no liability for any loss or damages resulting from Member’ disregard to the modified version of the Terms.

Article 3. Use of the Facility by Infant

In case infant is willing to become the Member and use the Services, the infant must garner approval from parent. The ifant is regarded that he or she represents and warrants that he or she garnered his or her parent once the infant use the Services. The Company can put a restriction on payment options for the infant.

Article 4. Information About the Member

  • 1 The information required in order to be the Member is as follows.
    1. Email address
    2. Password
    3. Full name
    4. Date of birth
    5. Gender
    6. Zip code
    7. Address
    8. Phone number
    9. Credit card information (number, expiration date, cardholder’s name, and security code)
  • 2 The Member must give a notice to the Company if there is any change of information stated on previous clause.
  • 3 The Member represents and warrants that all information the Member provide are those of themselves and there is no fallaciousness.
  • 4 All information of the Member shall be used by the Company to the extent necessary to provide the Services, and filed in accordance with Information Privacy Statement specified separately by the Company.

Article 5. The Service

  • 1 The Member can use the Service by means determined on the Terms and on the Website.
  • 2 Information regarding use of the Facility such as content, fee structure, spec of goods can be confirmed on the Website.
  • 3 The Member is not permitted to transfer or lend the rights and obligations of the Member to any other third parties.

Article 6. Completion of Contract

  • 1 The service agreement between the Member and the Company, that is to be concluded as a result of reservation by the Member, shall be accrued when the Company send approval email to the Member’ email address in response to reservation by the Member.
  • 2 The Member can confirm his or her reservation records on “My Page” of the Website as needed.
  • 3 The Member shall comply and execute the agreement stated clause 1 of Article 6.

Article 7. Method of Settlement

  • 1 Payment of fee for use of the Facility and purchasing goods shall be settled by the Company’s designated credit card (Visa and MasterCard) in one payment only.
  • 2 In case there is any dispute between the Member and credit card company because of any incidence not caused by the Company, the Member shall solve the dispute directly with the credit card company and shall not cause the Company any trouble.

Article 8. Credit Card Payment

  • 1 The credit card the Member uses shall be a valid and the Company’s designated credit card, and cardholder’s name shall be accord to the Member’s name.
  • 2 The Company shall require acknowledgement of the credit card use from the credit card company in advance of the clearance.
  • 3 Based on the agreement between the Member and credit card company, the Company shall receive a payment for the Facility use and goods purchase from the third party payment processor that has commission of authority by the credit card company, while the Member shall make the payment to the credit card company.
  • 4 In case the credit card payment process is cancelled, the Member shall not use any of the Services until the Member register a new credit card information on the Website.

Article 9. Credit Card Payment

  • 1 The payment for use of the Facility and goods purchase shall be settled on the date of the agreement.
  • 2 In case the payment can not be duly processed on the date of the agreement for any reasons, the Member shall not receive the Service.

Article 10. Delivery of Goods

Any goods purchased through the Service will be delivered at the counter of the Facility.

Article 11. Cancellation

  • 1 Reservation of use of the Facility shall not be cancelled.
  • 2 In case the Facility is out-of-order and may not be used because of the Company, convulsion of nature, blackout, or any other similar incidents during business hour, the Company will give a refund for a cancelled order that has already been make settlement to the Member. However, this is not applicable in case the incidents are due to negligence of the Member.

Article 12. Return or Exchange of the Goods

  • 1 The Member shall return or exchange purchased goods only if the Company acknowledge that the goods are broken, defaced, mistakenly provided, or any other sound reasons, and the Member make a request to the Company within 7 days from the date of purchase, then come to the Facility to return purchased goods within the time specified by the Company.
  • 2 Any return or exchange of goods for personal reasons of the Member shall not be permitted.
  • 3 The Company shall promptly comply with a request once the Company acknowledges the reasonability based on clause 1.
  • 4 In case the Company shall refund the fee for the Service based on clause 1, the refund should be settled through the credit card company used for the original settlement of the Service.

Article 13. Cancellation of the Membership

The Company shall cancel the agreement to use the Facility and purchase goods in whole or in part if the Member violate the Terms or is regarded as inadequate as the Member for any reasons. In such case, the Member shall not lodge a claim to the Company, or inhibit the Company from lodging a claim for the Company’s damages to the Member.

Article 14. Prohibited Matter

The Member shall be prohibited to take any action related to the following items.

  1. Any offense against the Term, any related laws and public decency, or any behavior that can possibly be those offenses.
  2. Inducement or promotion of illegal act.
  3. Infringement or assassination of right (including but not limited to patent, trademark, corporate secret, intellectual property such as copyright, a right to privacy, and portrait right), fortune, privilege or credence of other Member or any third parties.
  4. Purchase of goods for the purpose of resale, and resale of the goods purchased from the Company.
  5. Unauthorized use of credit card.
  6. Use of the Service by using false, the third party’s, or fictional individual information.
  7. Illegal access to the Website and the server of the Website, or any other act that inhibits or possibly inhibits the Company to provide the Service.
  8. Any other act the Company recognize as inadequacy.

Article 15. Operation, Interruption, and Closing of the Website and the Service

  • 1 The Company shall interrupt operation of the Website without any notification to the Member in case it is necessary for the purpose of operational management including but not limited to maintenance.
  • 2 The Company shall close the Service in whole or in part with notification on the Website in advance.
  • 3 The Company shall not bear any compensation liability even if the Member sustains damage from the case stated on clause 2.

Article 16. Intellectual Property

  • 1 Any intellectual properties related to all information (all information includes but not limited to software, design, and text) used in the Service shall belong to the Company or any other appropriate sources of the information.
  • 2 In case the Member provides new ideas regarding goods, technology or design to the Company, the Company shall not undertake any obligations to keep them secret, entertain, evaluate or embrace those ideas
  • 3 In case the Company or any group business entities of the Company disclose or capitalize any service or goods based on the idea provided by the Member in whole or in part, the Company shall not undertake any obligations including but not limited to the payment for providing the ideas to the Member.

Article 17. Suspend, Expulsion, and Indemnification

The Company shall suspend use of the Service or expulse the membership for the Member who conducts any of the following. The Member shall not lodge a claim to the Company for any incidence related to suspend or expulsion of membership. If the Company, other member or third parties suffer any losses as a result of those conduct stated on clause 1 and 2, the Member who conduct them shall be indemnify them who suffer those losses.

  1. Any conduct constituting a violation of the Term.
  2. Any conduct the Company recognize as inadequacy.

Article 18. Antisocial Communities

The Member or the applicant who is willing to be the Member represents and warrants that he or she does not belong to, or is not related to when he or she registers the membership as well as for the entire period when he or she is the Member.

Article 19. Withdrawal from Membership

The Member shall withdraw from the membership by prescribed procedure at any time. However, any rights and obligations accrued by the time of withdrawal shall not determine.

Article 20. Contact Information

Any inquiries related to the Service from the Member to the Company shall be sent to the following email address.